June 13, 2024

Wow How To Get Mark Of Honor: A Comprehensive Guide

World of Warcraft's Dragonflight PvP season brings a wave of excitement with new PvP gear and War Mode sets. To stay competitive, players need to acquire this new gear, and an essential part of the process involves obtaining Marks of Honor.

Marks of Honor: Key Currency for Transmog

Marks of Honor are a valuable currency in World of Warcraft, primarily used for purchasing old PvP gear for transmogrification purposes. This allows players to customize their gear's appearance without affecting their stats. Earning Marks of Honor can be achieved by actively participating and winning in battlegrounds and arenas. Alternatively, players can exchange 2,000 Honor Points for 5 Marks of Honor from Purveyor Zo’kuul in Oribos.

Using Marks of Honor for Customizing Gear

Marks of Honor allow players to purchase gear from previous expansions to tailor their characters' visual style. Understanding which expansion introduced the desired gear and locating the corresponding vendor is crucial for this process.

Vendor Locations by Expansion

Burning Crusade

Kezzik the Striker and Izze the Clutch in Area 52, Netherstorm.

Wrath of the Lich King

Trapjaw Rix, Blazik Fireclaw, Herwin Steampop, Xai Smolderpipe, Kylo Kelwin, and Zom Bocom in Old Dalaran’s Underbelly.


Rogoc and Doris Volanthius (Horde) in Hall of Legends, Orgrimmar.
Lieutenant Trista and Captain Dirgehammer (Alliance) in Champion’s Hall, Stormwind.
Tiny Tayger and Capp Carlin in Gadgetzan, Tanaris.

Mists of Pandaria

Acon Deathwielder (Horde) in Southern portion of Serpent’s Spine.
Ethan Natice (Alliance) in Northern portion of Serpent’s Spine.

Warlords of Draenor

Stone Guard Brokefist (Horde) in Warspear, Ashran.
Holly Mctilla (Alliance) in Stormshield, Ashran.


Apothecary Lee and Sarah the Savage (Horde) in Sunreaver's Sanctuary, Dalaran.
Captain Roberts and Lieutenant Surtees (Alliance) in The Silver Enclave, Dalaran.

Battle for Azeroth

Xander Silberman (Horde) in War Headquarters, Dazar’alor.
Marshal Gabriel (Alliance) in War Headquarters, Boralus.


Purveyor Zo’sorg and Purveyor Zo’kuul in Oribos.

Accumulating Marks of Honor and knowing the vendor locations are crucial for players who wish to customize their PvP gear’s appearance while maintaining practical benefits.

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