February 2, 2024

Will and Grace - Why is Jack So Gay?

Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) is a gay character on the American comedy series Will and Grace. He is flamboyantly gay, confident and free-spirited, though also somewhat fickle. He has tried his hand at a wide range of jobs, including an actor, acting instructor and back-up dancer for Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez; as well as various positions at Barneys and Banana Republic; a caterer; student nurse; and even Junior VP for Out TV. In the show's ninth season, he discovers that he has a son, Elliot, conceived by means of in vitro fertilization and sperm that he donated years previously. He initially has a hard time adjusting to fatherhood, but eventually realizes that he loves him and marries him in the finale.

In 2018, he was cast to play McGregor Houghton in Jungle Cruise, a film inspired by the Disneyland ride that stars Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. While some fans have criticized him for playing a gay man who is "hugely effete and very camp", Variety reports that, in a scene where McGregor comes out to his brother, he never actually uses the word "gay".

He simply states that he is homosexual and thanks his sister for her support. While some might find his character's sexuality offensive, it should be noted that he was not hired to create an openly gay character and that the film was never meant to be overtly political. His character is a likable gay person who just happens to be a stereotype.


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