February 1, 2024

Why It's Important to See Gay Characters on Screen

The latest wave of films and TV shows seems to be pushing the boundaries on what kind of characters can be featured. But that doesn't always translate to a positive impact for LGBTQ audiences, especially when it comes to representation on screen.

A slew of movies and shows are adding gay characters with little to no context or significance to the plot. It's like they are trying to cram a gay character into every movie and show because it's trendy right now, which is annoying and not helpful for the community.

Of course, that's not the only way to include LGBTQ characters in a film or show. Some characters are well rounded, likable, and help break stereotypes. For instance, the characters of Alex Standall and Charlie St. George on 13 Reasons Why are a reprieve from the bi+ stereotypes we see in film and TV. They're both openly gay, they don't treat their sexuality as a source of conflict, and neither of them are held back by internalized homophobia or afraid to express their sexuality.

Other examples of lovable gay characters include Tommy Dorfman as Ryan in 13 Reasons Why and Michele Selene Ang as Crimsen on Syfy's Lost Girl, where she plays a powerful succubus who is not only sexually fluid but has a strong moral compass. It's important that characters like these appear on screens, especially for young gay viewers who may not have seen themselves represented before.


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