February 1, 2024

Why Is Netflix So Gay?

As a streaming service, Netflix is great because it allows you to watch your favorite shows in bite-size chunks. This also prevents you from forgetting important details over the week and keeps you excited to see the next episode. You can even create a watch list to help you cut down on scrolling time and keep track of all your favorite shows.

Another pro is that Netflix provides a variety of different TV and movie options, including the latest season of Stranger Things or an award-winning film like Unicorn Store. They also offer a wide selection of documentaries, anime and Netflix originals.

Among all streaming services, Netflix is one of the most rainbow-hued, with a diverse selection of TV shows that have queer characters. For example, the recent release of Dream has received acclaim from fans of the comic book and new viewers alike for its faithfulness to the source material, diverse cast and authentic LGBTQ representation.

Other Netflix shows and movies such as Orange Is the New Black, Lilyhammer, and the reboot of That 70’s Show have featured openly gay or lesbian characters. They have also released films such as Special, featuring Ryan, a man with cerebral palsy who refuses to let his disability define him. They have also released shows like Heartstopper, a cute teen romance that avoids the oversexualization of LGBTQ relationships often seen on TV.

In other words, despite the occasional missteps, Netflix has made significant strides in increasing representation for LGBTQ people on film and television. However, some people still think the company is too focused on creating queer content. In fact, some critics have resorted to the “bury your gays” meme to express their displeasure with Netflix’s queerness. This is a frustrating response, especially since Netflix has the resources to advertise its content on social media and in Times Square.


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