February 2, 2024

Why is Mike So Gay?

After months of speculation, Noah Schnapp has confirmed that his character Will Byers is gay. This is a major step forward for the show, and a positive representation of LGBTQ+ relationships on television. The series has also received criticism for its lack of diversity, but this revelation will hopefully change some people’s minds.

There are a few reasons why Mike is so gay, but the main one is his love for Will. He talks about him all the time and goes out of his way to do things for him. He even tries to convince El that he loves her, although she doesn’t believe him at first. He also has a poster of a shirtless guy in his room and smiles dreamily at Will in the cafeteria.

Mike is also very interested in boys, which suggests that he is bisexual. He likes both girls and guys, but he is attracted to boys more than he is to girls. In fact, he once tried to make out with a boy named Charlie at a party. He also reacted to Will’s death by crying.

Another reason why Mike is so gay is his relationship with El. He has always had romantic feelings for her, and he once told her that his life “started the moment he saw you”. He even recreated a Star Wars scene with a princess Leia costume to give El a medal in the D&D game they were playing in s1.


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