February 2, 2024

Why is Luke So Gay?

There aren’t a lot of representations for queer people in mainstream media and the ones we do see tend to be cliche, negative or in very small roles. So it’s no wonder that many people 'headcanon' characters, including their sexuality and gender orientation, as being a certain way. For instance, the popular Star Wars character Luke Skywalker is frequently read as being gay or bisexual. But why is that?

Mark Hamill has a pretty open mind when it comes to his character’s sexuality. In fact, the actor has made it very clear that Luke could be anything his fans want him to be. Hamill made this clear when he was asked about the matter after JJ Abrams spoke out about gay characters in The Force Awakens, saying that it would be “insanely narrow-minded and counterintuitive” to assume that non-normative sexualities wouldn’t exist in the galaxy far, far away.

Of course, the question of why is luke so gay isn’t an easy one to answer. In canon, the only time we’ve ever seen Luke exhibit any sort of interest in another man was when he pined for (and kissed) Leia. But even that isn’t entirely canon-proof, as a number of fans have pointed out, and it certainly doesn’t mean he’s exclusively attracted to men.


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