February 1, 2024

Why is John So Gay?

Why is john so gay

The question of why Elton John is gay is a good one. It is a complex answer, but it can be reduced to the fact that homosexuality was verboten in his time and place. Homosexuality was not even really acknowledged, except by a few close associates who were afraid of the consequences for their careers. So, when John identifies as gay in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine it is not surprising that the public was confused and perplexed.

John was from a rural family in Devon and worked as an apprentice to a silk mercer, but he left his indentures before the end of their term. He was then able to spend more time in London, where he became part of the social and literary circle that included the likes of Aaron Hill and Eustace Budgell.

His writing career began with a poem, Wine (1708) and a pamphlet, The Present State of Wit (1711). His first important play, The Beggar's Opera, was written in 1728 and ran for 62 nights at Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre. It was an early and successful satire that attacked the topsy-turvy morals, double-dealing and self-interest of 18th century society and aristocracy. Its characters, such as Pully Peachum and Captain Macheath, are still ingrained in our culture.

It is interesting that some people, notably those in the Catholic Church, oppose the presumption that Newman was gay with such vehemence. This is probably because they don't want one of the Church's greatest intellectual personalities and canonized saints to be associated with something that the Church has spent so much energy opposing.


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