February 1, 2024

Why is Jake So Gay?

With the recent exposure of toxic masculinity in Hollywood, there's been a lot of discussion about what it means to be a man in our society. However, there's been very little discussion of how the cult of hypermasculinity manifests in LGBTQ culture. This is especially true for white gay cisgender men like Jake.

Jake is an openly gay professional soccer player. He came out on camera in an interview with Sky Sports News host Tim Thornton. The interview was not only historic - it was widely viewed as a triumph - but it also served to shatter some of the barriers to equality in football.

After the show, Jake began dating Dirk a fellow soccer player from Blackpool FC. Jake was happy in the relationship, although he sometimes struggled with Dirk's desire to be overbearing as a partner (for example, when Jake was upset with him for scratching his Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff tattoo). Jake and Dirk later broke up.

In addition to his sexual orientation, Jake has a brother who has autism and is famous for his TikTok videos. This has helped to reshape perceptions of autism in the world at large.

Although he does not identify as bisexual, Jake's feelings for Aranea are clear and unambiguous. He is attracted to her and she reciprocates, but he also feels intimidated by her attempts at physical contact. He is particularly upset when she tries to kiss him and activates his hope powers without his consent, and Brain Ghost Dirk attacks her. Despite this, Jake continues to feel a romantic connection with Aranea and the pair share their first kiss at a memorial for Oliver.


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