February 1, 2024

Why Is Jacob So Gay?

The biblical Jacob was a trickster, a man who used his mind to get ahead. He was a shepherd and amassed an impressive amount of property, including livestock (Genesis 32:9-13, 24-30). His crooked tactics even got him into trouble with first his father, then his brother, and finally his father-in-law. Yet, the Torah also reveals that Jacob was a deeply spiritual person who yearningly prayed and wrestled with God for a blessing.

During his years as a shepherd, Jacob developed a good understanding of genetics: two unspotted sheep can produce spotted offspring. He also noticed that his flocks seemed to be getting more and more valuable over time. He figured that if he could trick his brother Esau out of their birthright, then he would have plenty of wealth to live off of for the rest of his life.

In fact, his scheme was so successful that he and Rebekah were able to literally shapeshift into the form of their older brother Esau and steal his father's blessing. And this is why the Bible connects the name Jacob to "trickery."

As a gay man, it makes me very happy that more and more videogames are introducing well-rounded gay characters. This isn't to say that they're perfect or even entirely accurate, but it is a welcome change from the stereotypical flamboyant gay character who has been the norm for so long. That being said, I hope that we can continue to push for more well-rounded portrayals of LGBT characters in our media and that the media will start to realize that there are different ways to represent LGBT people.


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