February 1, 2024

Why is Anthony So Gay?

In a recent video on his Youtube channel, Anthony cleared up any misconceptions about him being gay or bisexual. He said he was straight and in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Mykie. He also denied any claims of him being a lesbian, stating that he only has romantic feelings for women.

Before he was convicted of murder, Anthony was a popular preacher at some of Australia’s largest evangelical churches and a successful father-of-two. But behind the scenes, he was fighting a secret battle with his homosexuality.

After his conviction, Anthony spent nearly five months in isolation at Federal Correctional Complex – Butner in North Carolina, and he attempted suicide 20 times. His defense lawyer Jennifer Soble reminded the judge that Anthony had told staff at FCC-Butner that he would have a mental health crisis in isolation. Soble cited experts in solitary confinement, official policies on the treatment of mentally ill prisoners, and doctors who had treated Anthony previously—all of whom did not share Dr. Ross’ conclusions.

During his time in prison, Anthony began to self-mutilate in order to cope with his confinement. He started with superficial cuts, but soon moved on to more serious mutilation. He used staples, rock he found in his cell, and ink pens. He even cut his neck on one occasion.

His lawyers say these attempts were a sign of his deteriorating mental state. They are arguing that he deserves to have his 105-year sentence reduced and he should be allowed to live out his sexuality outside of prison.


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