February 2, 2024

Why Is Adam So Gay?

In the years of right-wing activism that culminated in last Friday’s Supreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriage, one catchphrase has been repeated over and over again. It appears on picket signs and is echoed by right-wing pundits like Phyllis Schlafly and National Right to Life Committee founder Mildred Jefferson. It is the one slogan — among many, many more — that people use to try and prove that homosexuality is wrong.

The argument is simple: God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, so the creation accounts in Genesis cannot be used to support same-sex marriages. The problem is that this line of reasoning is based on a very flawed interpretation of these narratives. It’s also completely misguided given the Bible’s clear statements that homosexuality is sinful and unnatural.

Mira and Adam get along well throughout the season and it is hinted that she liked him romantically in ep7 when she kissed him but he didn't return it. This led to many fans believing that she is bisexual and he might be too.

This theory is bolstered by the fact that Adam was seen holding a gay flag in his room in the second episode of season 2. Adam and Kai were having trouble surviving without supplies when they got to the bunker but Kai rushed into helping him with his belongings because she saw the gay flag. She then told him that she loved him and they were together again at the end of the episode.


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