February 1, 2024

Why is a Gay Wedding a Sin?

Regardless of the many attempts to reinterpret Scripture, the fact remains that homosexual behavior violates God’s design for marriage and is sinful. It is therefore a mistake to link the holy and blessed union of husband and wife with something that God calls immoral. (See 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.) In the end, a man and woman who engage in sexual immorality will not experience the true love that God intends for His people.

When a loved one asks you to attend their gay wedding, it may be difficult for you to say no. But you must do so out of love for them, because your refusal demonstrates that their homosexual lifestyle does not change your love for them. You can still show your love by inviting them to occasional get-togethers, leaving room for sharing the truth as they become more open to hearing it. You should also keep them on your prayer list, expressing to the Lord your deep concern for their heart to soften and turn toward Him.

There are many ways you and your partner can subtly or boldly celebrate your same-sex relationship during the wedding ceremony. Consider seating your guests in a circle rather than the typical straight row, and use a creative rainbow-inspired color scheme for your wedding décor. You can also skip the traditional bride and groom gifts and give each other something more personal, like a piece of art, or even a sentimental item from your late grandmother.


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