February 1, 2024

Why Do People Think Tom Cruise is Gay?

When it comes to celebrities, rumors about their private lives are almost always unavoidable. Especially for someone as famous and out-there as Tom Cruise, who’s a vocal promoter of the Church of Scientology and has three kids from two different marriages, people are bound to speculate on his sexuality. His strong personality, unexplored private life and affiliation with a religious movement that’s often linked to homophobia add up to the constant rumor mill buzzing about the actor.

In the past, he’s even gone so far as to sue those who suggested he was gay. His attorney Bert Fields claimed in 2001 that Tom “is a great respecter of homosexual rights, but he’s not gay. And he’s ready to prove it in court.”

Despite his three divorces, fans are still curious to know if the Mission Impossible star is secretly gay. Jann Wenner, the co-founder of Rolling Stone, recently said he thinks Cruise is homosexual in his new memoir.

However, some experts believe that it’s very unlikely for the actor to be gay. They say that he’s just too good looking to be gay and that the Church of Scientology doesn’t allow homosexuality. It’s also worth mentioning that he prefers giving straight answers to questions during interviews which is a quality that not many actors have.


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