March 9, 2024

Why Do I Like Sucking Dick?

Why do i like sucking dick

There are many reasons to love to suck someone’s dick, but it’s primarily an act of pleasure and control. Men who really want to suck their partner’s dick often have a deeper subconscious desire to be the receptacle for another man’s sexual pleasure – the same way that women who love to give a good spit are receptacles of male sexual pleasure. People who have healthy self esteem are aware of this and try to balance out giving and receiving in all aspects of their lives, including in their sexual relationships.

The dick is a highly sensual body part and its sucking, licking, and biting are a profoundly intimate form of physical contact. It’s one of the most evocative of all sex acts, even more so than the mouthing of the nipple or the tongue.

A guy who is into his dick and enjoys being sucked on will likely moan loudly while doing so, or at least try to. This is because a guy’s dick is a very sensitive and responsive part of his body that responds to stimuli in unique ways. It is not uncommon for a guy to moan while being sucked on or to ask to be suckled more frequently or aggressively.

The word dick has been a slang term for a guy since the 16th century, but it only became popular enough to become a common verb in the 1930s. It then started to be used as a slang phrase for something that was unpleasant or objectionable. Homework, parking tickets, and hangovers are examples of things that can be said to suck someone’s dick.


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