February 1, 2024

Why Do I Keep Having Gay Dreams?

When a person has homosexual dreams, it may indicate that they are in a homosexual relationship. It can also be a sign of sexual frustration or that they are confused about their sexuality. This can be a scary dream to have especially if you are straight. But don't worry because your dreams do not necessarily reflect your reality.

A gay or lesbian dream often indicates regretful deeds and actions. This could be something that happened recently or that you regretted doing in the past. The dream is a way of showing you that the damage done cannot be reversed. It is important to understand the message in the dream and learn from it so that you can avoid making the same mistakes again.

Dreams about a lesbian or gay relationship can be a sign that you are feeling isolated in the world and need to find like-minded people to make you feel included. You may also be expressing feelings that you don't normally allow yourself to express because you are afraid of how others will react. The dream is a way to let those feelings out because it will only cause you more anxiety and stress when you try to suppress them.

If you are a born again Christian having gay dreams or thoughts can be very disturbing. It is Satan trying to tempt you to sin by planting his demonic seeds of perversion while you are sleeping. To stop these dreams you should start reading a bible verse each night before going to bed. You should then take authority over those wrong thoughts in Jesus name and tell them to leave.


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