February 1, 2024

Why Do Guys Act Gay?

For the longest time, research on gay men focused on imprisoned sex offenders and people with psychiatric disorders, which led to the belief that homosexuals were abnormal. But today, researchers have a much more open perspective thanks to advances in psychology and the growing acceptance of sexual orientation as a normal human variation rather than a mental illness.

In the field of sexology, studies on gay men are advancing in tandem with those on straight men. For example, in a paper published this year in Sex Roles, Australian psychologist Ben Gerrard found that gay men who sound more feminine (in voice quality and body language) are at a disadvantage when it comes to attaining high-status jobs in the workplace. Gerrard’s study is believed to be the first experimental evidence demonstrating that “gay glass ceilings” exist in workplaces.

Similarly, a number of studies on homosexuals have shown that while they often reject traditional masculinity ideology and prefer more casual sex than women, they still show preferences for youthful looking partners and put greater importance on the physical attractiveness of their mates compared to straight men. Moreover, some men may even engage in sex acts that are traditionally considered gay such as role playing or daddy/boy fantasies, dominance/submission and humiliation.

For a long time, friendships between gay and straight men were rare for reasons including homophobia and the assumption that they didn’t have anything in common with each other. But now, many gay men are forming “bromosexual” relationships with their straight friends and some are even sleeping with other men. (Even if this isn’t a good idea.) But why do guys act gay?


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