February 1, 2024

Why Do Gay People Walk Faster?

A new study claims that modern diets and lack of sleep are causing people to become gay. According to a post on a WordPress page that claims to be by someone named Rita Strakosha who holds an MPS in Clinical Psychology, people who are eating too much fast food and not getting enough sleep at night are becoming homosexuals because they're lacking important nutrients like Vitamin D and iron. Apparently, to reverse the trend, they need to start eating more vegetables and consuming less fast food. Strakosha also recommends sleeping more at night.

Many educators are unsure of how to respond when students ask, "what does gay mean?" It's important to be comfortable in your answer and not evade the question. You can prepare for this by practicing different responses with colleagues. It's also helpful to keep in mind that a student's ability to understand the meaning of gay will vary depending on age and developmental stage.

There's a popular stereotype that gay people walk faster than other people. Whether that's because they sway their hips or have a bit of swagger to their step, this claim seems to be widespread in queer online communities. Some suggest that gays walk fast to escape the sight of straight people. Other theories include that it's a way to be flirtatious or to show off their body shape.

While some may use this stereotype as a form of prejudice, others use it to make themselves feel more connected to their community. Regardless of the origins of the claim, it's a good-natured stereotype that has gained popularity in queer online communities along with other memes like cuffed jeans and lemon bars.


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