February 2, 2024

Why Do Gay Men Date Women?

Despite all the celebratory strides toward LGBTQ rights, there remains a persistent sense that homosexuality is still a dirty little secret getting brushed under the rug. Gay men often feel pressured to hide their orientation from others in order to pass as heterosexual, which can be a stressful burden that takes many forms. One way is by socializing with women, and even dating them. This is often a choice that these men make for a variety of reasons — family expectations, religious beliefs, or simply the desire to keep their orientation a secret from people they know.

It’s also possible that these men enjoy spending time with women and that nothing of a sexual nature ever actually occurs. Having close friends who are female can be gratifying and enriching in ways that go far beyond mating. Some men may find it particularly enjoyable to date older gay men, who have a great deal of life experience and are mature in the sense that they are aware of the challenges that come with being part of the LGBT community.

Finally, it’s possible that some gay men date women because they want to have a family of their own. Many gay men have been raised with the belief that a man and woman should be in a romantic relationship, so they can create children together. While this isn’t as common now that being gay is not as taboo, there are stories of gay men who married women in the past and have children and grandchildren as a result.


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