June 13, 2024

Why Did Shannon and Becky Break Up: Key Events and Insights

Shannon Beveridge and Becky Missal’s breakup has garnered significant public interest, given their status within the queer community and their highly visible relationship. This overview delves into the key elements and events surrounding their breakup.

Background Information

Who are Shannon Beveridge and Becky Missal?

Shannon Beveridge is a noted lesbian YouTuber, widely recognized for her engaging content and advocacy within the LGBTQ+ community. Becky Missal became publicly known through her relationship with Shannon. Prior to Becky, Shannon was in a relationship with the popular musician Fletcher.

Key Events Leading Up to the Breakup

The "Becky’s So Hot" Song

The song “Becky’s So Hot” was released by Fletcher in July 2022, sparking mixed reactions. Some found it humorous, while others considered it invasive. Shannon made it clear on TikTok that neither she nor Becky were involved in the song's creation or its promotion.

A Public Moment

In May 2023, Shannon and Fletcher were seen hugging at a Taylor Swift concert, indicating no lingering animosity between them.

Timeline of Shannon and Becky’s Relationship

August 2023

Shannon and Becky enjoyed a romantic trip to Spain, with their last public post together appearing on August 28th, 2023, on TikTok.

Rumors and Speculations

By late October 2023, rumors about their breakup began circulating, stirring curiosity and speculation among their followers.

Confirming the Breakup

November 2023

Shannon Beveridge used TikTok to hint at the breakup, with captions like “exes & woesss.” She also introduced her new podcast “Exes & Os,” which focuses on queer relationships, sex, and breakups, further confirming the end of her relationship with Becky.

Fletcher’s Response and Activities

Social Media Activity

Following the breakup, Fletcher posted TikToks suggesting thoughts about her exes and released a teaser for a new song that might also reflect on past relationships. She even tweeted, “girl of my dreams… i fucked it up,” which left fans speculating about the reference.

Personal Notes and Other Interests

Becky remains active on social media, posting a cover of "Stick Season" by Noah Kahan, which was noted by followers as a personal highlight unrelated to the breakup.

Speculative Analysis

Both Shannon and Becky seem to be moving on individually while acknowledging the significance of their past relationship. Fletcher continues to process her emotions through her music, offering some public insights into her feelings.

Impact on the Community

The breakup has been a significant topic within the queer community, affecting Shannon and Becky’s followers and those of Fletcher. Shannon’s new podcast, “Exes & Os,” is anticipated to provide further insights into queer relationships and the journey through breakup recovery.

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