January 31, 2024

Why Did God Create Gay People?

In this article, we will look at the answer to the question “why did god create gay people?”

We know that God exists, but why did He create us? The purpose of our existence is a complex and profound question. The answer to this question is not just a single event or a specific task, but the full range of experiences that make up our lives.

The answers that we choose to give to this question will determine our quality of life and the meaning of our existence. Some people find their purpose in serving others, while others may see their purpose as finding peace and happiness within themselves. Often, the answer will depend on the challenges and obstacles that we encounter.

For example, some people struggle with finding their purpose when they are faced with obstacles like addictions, homelessness, or mental illness. These individuals might turn to their faith for strength and guidance. For others, the answer might be found in family or friends.

Other people are challenged by the question of whether homosexuality is a sin. Some Christians argue that the Bible condemns homosexuality and that only heterosexual relationships are acceptable to God. In response, authors like Vines and Wilson argue that scholarly research indicates that biblical writers were not forbidding all same-sex relationships but only exploitative ones like pederasty and prostitution.

Other Christians have been able to change their view of what the Bible says about homosexuality by getting to know and understand homosexual people. They argue that same-sex relationships honor God’s creation of the diversity of gendered humanity and that God would not want to limit this in His own family (Matthew 19:5–6).


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