June 9, 2024

Why Are Olivia Cruises So Expensive? Quality and Inclusivity

Why Olivia Travel Creates Memorable and Inclusive Adventures for Lesbian Travelers

Olivia Travel has been a cornerstone in the lesbian travel community, creating rich, inclusive, and memorable adventures for women. With a focus on professionalism, safety, community, and unique experiences, it's no wonder that the company enjoys high praise and loyal repeat customers.

Professionalism and Attention to Detail

Travelers consistently highlight the exceptional professionalism and detailed management by Nicoll and the Olivia Travel team. From managing logistics like luggage and schedules to ensuring a seamless overall experience, their attention to detail allows guests to truly relax and enjoy their vacations.

Providing a Safe and Inclusive Environment

A fundamental aspect of Olivia Travel is the safe and accepting spaces they create. Many patrons express immense gratitude for being able to travel without fear of judgment or harassment, fostering a sense of belonging and safety. This environment is especially beneficial for those who may not be "out" in their daily lives.

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Fostering a Sense of Community

The sense of community and camaraderie among travelers is a hallmark of Olivia Travel. Many guests leave with lifelong friends, feeling part of an extended family. This sense of inclusion extends particularly to solo travelers, who appreciate the efforts to integrate them into activities and the warm welcome they receive.

Unique Destinations and Experiences

Olivia Travel offers a diverse range of destinations and experiences, from adventurous trips to Patagonia and Machu Picchu to relaxing cruises in Norway and the Caribbean. These trips are often described as magical and life-changing, with many guests returning for multiple vacations.

High-Quality Entertainment

The entertainment on Olivia trips is consistently praised for its quality. Featuring talented performers who interact well with guests, the entertainment adds to the overall enjoyment of the trips, creating deeper connections between the guests and the performers.

Diverse Activities and Programs

The variety of activities offered caters to different interests and fitness levels. Options range from hiking, kayaking, and rafting to wine tasting, cultural tours, and self-defense classes. Specific programs for solo travelers ensure they feel included and have a great experience without feeling isolated.

Superior Quality of Service

Travelers praise the Olivia staff for their hard work, friendliness, and personal touches. The easy interaction with staff and management, who often engage personally with guests, enhances the overall experience and satisfaction.

Empowerment and Personal Development

Many travelers reflect on how Olivia trips have empowered them to be their authentic selves for the first time. The supportive environment allows for personal growth and the forging of deep personal connections, contributing to the profound impact these trips have on their lives.

Community and Loyalty

It's common to hear about repeat customers who have taken multiple Olivia trips or plan future ones even before their current trip ends. This high rate of repeat business underscores the overall satisfaction and unique experience Olivia Travel offers.


Olivia Travel stands out for its ability to create safe, inclusive, and memorable vacation experiences for lesbian travelers. Through exceptional service, a strong sense of community, diverse activities, and unique destinations, Olivia continues to empower and enrich the lives of its guests.

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