January 31, 2024

Why Are My Friends Gay?

If a friend isn’t openly gay, it can be difficult to know whether they’re on the LGBT+ spectrum or not. It’s important to remember that being gay is just a part of who they are as a person, it doesn’t define them. You should accept them for who they are and support them, regardless of their sexuality.

A friend might not be ready to come out to all of their friends or family members, and that’s okay. They may also be unsure of their own sexuality, which can make them hesitant to share details about their love life. They might start to use “they” pronouns a lot more, or avoid conversations about sex entirely. If you have a close, supportive relationship with them, it’s good to let them know that you’re accepting of whatever sexuality or gender identity they’re comfortable with.

You can show them that you’re accepting by making a few small changes in the way that you talk about sex or other aspects of your friendship. For example, you could avoid making sweeping statements about sexual desires or mentioning things like lookism (judging people by their weight, appearance, or other superficial characteristics). It’s important to note that not all gay men are racially inclusive or non-dismissive of people on the asexuality spectrum, so it’s worth considering how they interact with others before you make any major changes in how you communicate with them.


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