January 31, 2024

Why Am I Attracted to Gay Men?

For some people feelings of attraction to others of the same sex develop very early, and continue throughout life. For others, those feelings are triggered by experiences and events. Many men are attracted to both women and other men, this is called bisexuality. Some people are not attracted to either, this is called asexuality.

There are a lot of myths about gay men, some of which are harmful and create unnecessary tension in the LGBT community. These stereotypes are often based on fear and hatred, and it’s important to break these false ideas down.

One of the most common misconceptions is that all gay men act effeminately. This is not true, some gay men do behave in a feminine way, while others are really butch and masculine. It all depends on personal preferences.

It’s also not true that all gay men are predatory. This stereotype is based on prejudice, such as internalized homophobia, racism, ageism, HIV phobia, sexism, xenophobia (“fear of foreigners”), and anti-Semitism. It’s never okay to date someone who exhibits any type of prejudice, and it’s particularly problematic when a gay man displays these beliefs.

Another common stereotype is that all gay men have a great fashion sense, and this is not true either. Just like straight men, everyone has different taste and styles. Some gay men could give Anna Wintour a run for her money, while others wouldn’t know Gucci from galoshes. Having a good fashion sense has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and it’s something that can be learned and practiced.


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