February 1, 2024

Who Proposes in a Gay Relationship?

Gay marriage has gained widespread support and formal rights, but many same-sex couples still struggle with traditional gender roles. Whether it’s who proposes, who wears the engagement ring, or who does the majority of household chores, many gay couples face challenges similar to heterosexual relationships. However, by fostering mutual respect, communication, and commitment, same-sex couples can overcome these challenges.

For some, who asks is just as important as the question of who gets married. As a result, many gay couples are choosing to break down the barriers of tradition and find their own unique ways of proposing to one another. From double proposals to non-traditional engagement rings, LGBTQIA+ couples are redefining traditional gender roles in creative and exciting ways.

Depending on the couple, who asks can be determined by the natural hierarchy of the relationship. For example, some gay partners use a top and bottom structure where the dominant person is responsible for asking the submissive partner out. Alternatively, some gay couples may have a more equal partnership where both men and women ask their partners out.

Additionally, some gay men and lesbians live in a committed relationship while also maintaining an active sexual lifestyle with other partners or with strangers. Infidelity in a homosexual relationship is as common as it is in heterosexual ones. To help combat these issues, gay couples can build support systems with friends and family members who are supportive of their love. They can also develop strategies for dealing with unsupportive or homophobic people to protect their relationship from outside stressors.


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