February 1, 2024

Who on the L Word is Gay?

Who on the l word is gay

When The L Word first hit the airwaves back in 2004 it changed the game for LGBT TV. The show featured smart, funny women who were not ancillary characters or the punchline to a joke. It also gave a face to lesbians who had largely been relegated to Lifetime and Hallmark movies.

The show introduced bisexual characters like Alice Pieszecki (who later transitioned to a woman) and Jenny Schecter who discovered her sexuality after moving in with a lesbian couple. But the show only offered a few examples of sexual experimentation with people of the same gender and it was typically male/female. It also teeters on the edge of homophobia by suggesting that all bisexuality is transitionary or by implying that those who do not identify as lesbians are lying about their sexual orientation.

One of the most radical moments on the series was when viewers met Max Sweeney (played by Daniel Sea) the first recurring trans masculine character on television. His medical transition was poorly handled and he is portrayed as a raging trans-guy who is not the same person as the sweet, unassuming girl he was in his earlier days.

Despite these criticisms the show was a huge success and set a new standard for LGBT television. The cast went on to have successful careers and the iconic characters of Bette Porter, Tina Kennard, Alice Pieszecki, and Kit Porter remain resonant with viewers. The reboot, Generation Q, reunites many of these actors and while the storyline changes, the women remain the same.


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