June 8, 2024

Who Is Vanna Whites Son? Discovering Nikko Santo Pietro

Vanna White, the long-time co-host of Wheel of Fortune, is also a proud mother of two: Nicholas “Nikko” Santo Pietro and Giovanna “Gigi” Santo Pietro. White shares her children with her ex-husband, George Santo Pietro.

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General Reflections on Motherhood

Despite her successful television career, White considers being a mom as her favorite and most rewarding job. Her experience of motherhood brought immense love and joy, contrasting the tragedy she faced due to a miscarriage.

Nikko Santo Pietro

Birth and Education

Born on June 10, 1994, Nikko initially studied business at the University of Arizona but later switched to agriculture sciences at Oregon State University, graduating summa cum laude.


Nikko's early career included an internship at Oshala Farm and volunteering at a sustainable bed and breakfast in the Virgin Islands. He also managed a friend's farm in Missouri, where he started an orchard, an apiary, and created sustainable farming processes. He once owned a sourdough bakery in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, before moving back to L.A. for a role at Melissa’s Produce.

Personal Interests

Nikko is passionate about gardening, piano playing, cooking, and art. He sells his artwork online, including splatter paintings and other canvas works. In 2019, he traveled around Europe for nearly three months, documenting the journey on social media.

Relationship with Vanna

White often shares glimpses of their close bond on social media, including recent photos and birthday celebrations.

Gigi Santo Pietro

Birth and Education

Born on July 1, 1997, Gigi attended The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, and studied photography at New York University.


Gigi's experience in photography includes senior portraits, actor headshots, and an assistant photographer role for a Redbook magazine cover shoot. She later pivoted to tattoo artistry and is currently an artist at Lincoln Tattoo Company in Los Angeles.

Personal Interests

Gigi dedicates her Instagram to showcasing her tattoo work. Vanna White expressed pride in Gigi’s choice to become a tattoo artist, recognizing the skill and confidence required.

Relationship with Vanna

Vanna engages profoundly in Gigi’s life and work and even considers getting a matching tattoo done by her daughter.

Main Ideas and Information on Vanna White and Her Family

Vanna White's Career and Relationship with Pat Sajak

Long-standing Co-Host Role

Vanna White has co-hosted Wheel of Fortune since 1982, alongside Pat Sajak, who is set to retire on June 7, 2023.

Transition and Continuity

Ryan Seacrest will take over as the new host while White will continue on the show despite Sajak’s retirement.

Personal Tribute to Pat Sajak

White expressed a heartfelt tribute to Sajak, highlighting their longstanding professional and personal friendship, which includes watching their children grow up, traveling, dining together, and sharing emotional moments.

Vanna White's Personal Life and Family

Public Persona vs. Private Life

While White shares limited personal details on the show, she is more open on social media, especially about her family.


White has two children: Nikko Santo Pietro and Gigi Santo Pietro, shared with her ex-husband George Santo Pietro, whom she was married to from 1990 to 2002.

Nikko Santo Pietro

Background and Career

Nikko was born in June 1994 and has explored various career paths after graduating from Oregon State University. He recently ventured into real estate and successfully completed his first home sale.

Public Acknowledgment

White publicly conveyed her pride in Nikko on Instagram in May 2024, following his career transition to real estate and his expressed desire to travel.

Previous Ventures

Nikko is also a chef and owned a sourdough bakery in Missouri. He has a vibrant and diverse background in culinary arts and roles in Research and Development for Melissa’s Produce.

Gigi Santo Pietro

Background and Career

Born in July 1997, Gigi is more private than her brother but known to be a talented tattoo artist in Venice, California. Her Instagram page showcases her tattoo designs.

Public Acknowledgment

White celebrated Gigi’s 26th birthday on Instagram in 2023 with a loving message and photos.

White’s children, Nikko and Gigi, have paved their unique paths, displaying talents in agriculture and the arts, respectively. Vanna White cherishes her role as a mother and maintains close, supportive relationships with both her children, proudly celebrating their accomplishments and life journeys.

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