February 1, 2024

Who is Named Gay Bowser?

Who is Named Gay Bowser?

Gay Bowser is a non-canonical form of the King of Koopas brought out by excessive amounts of Rainbowitis. It is a proud homosexual who advocates gay rights around the UnWorld and abolishes slavery. Despite this, he is extremely angry at most straight people and will rainbow flame them to death. If this is done enough, he will also set their house on rainbow fire. Fortunately, Gay Bowser can be killed by booming him with a Bowser Bomb or Giygas Bomb.

The name came from a misheard voice line in the 1996 platform video game Super Mario 64. During the boss fight with Gay Bowser, Mario would say "So long, gay Bowser!" as he was thrown to his doom. The misunderstanding became a humorous and famous video game moment. However, in the new Switch port of the game, Mario no longer utters this line. Instead, he simply says "buh-bye."

This has caused outrage among many fans, who are lamenting the removal of one of the strangest moments in the game. Some have even claimed that the line was removed in order to avoid accusations of homophobia. However, the original line is still intact in the Nintendo Classics collection, which was released in 2017 and includes a remixed version of Super Mario 64. The original line is actually spelled out, with Mario saying, "So long, KING Bowser!" It seems that Kotaku has confirmed that Charles Martinet was never really saying “gay Bowser” in the game.


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