February 1, 2024

Who is Most Likely Gay in BTS?

BTS is one of the most popular boy band around the world and has many supporters but also some haters. Some people think that the band members are gay because they wear makeup like women and get close to each other. But this is just a misconception caused by Westerners who sexualize everything that the Asians do. In Korea being a homosexual is not something taboo like in the west and it's totally normal to skinship with your same-sex friends.

Who is Most Likely Gay in BTS?

RM is the band leader and he has been seen getting close to other members of the band. He often does this to express his feelings and it's not a bad thing. But some men are worried that his closeness with his boys is because of his homosexual orientation. The ARMY members of the band have come forward in defense of their leader and accused the haters of being homophobic.

Jimin is the flirt king of the band and he is very good at flirting with girls. But some people think that his flirting is because of his sexual orientation and he is actually straight.

J Hope is in a relationship with Rose and the duo is very close to each other. They go out on dates when they can and many selfies of them have gone viral on social media. If he was gay, he would not be spending so much time with his girlfriend.


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