January 31, 2024

Who is Gay on GMA?

A TV newscaster plays an important role as a symbol of integrity, reliability, diversity, and comfort in a tumultuous world of news. Those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender often make their mark in the industry through their presence as well as their voices and words. Having an openly gay newscaster on air regularly conveys to viewers that they can expect the same level of professionalism from people who identify as LGBTQ.

The following is a list of some of the most popular LGBTQ television newscasters in the world.

GMA Network is a Filipino media company that airs telenovelas, dramas, talk shows and other news programs. It was founded in 1995 and has been a major player in the Philippine television industry since its launch. It became the official broadcaster of the World Youth Day in 1995 and hosted several local adaptations of Carlo J. Caparas and Mars Ravelo works, such as Eat Bulaga! and Fairy Ko!

This week, out Cuban-American journalist Gio Benitez made his debut as the new weekend anchor of Good Morning America. He brings much-needed queer and Latinx representation to the show and has been praised for his work.

As a member of the Beloved Arise ambassador family, 16-year-old teen Lily Clifford wants other young people to know they can be themselves, and that it's OK. Their story is featured in the latest episode of GMA. Lily uses they/she pronouns and encourages other teens to be proud of themselves, even if that means coming out as LGBTQ to their parents.


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