February 1, 2024

Who Is Gay in Modern Family?

If there's one show on TV that has helped to redefine modern family, it's Modern Family. The hit ABC sitcom features a diverse cast and tackles a wide range of issues, including parenting and marriage. While it may fall short of advancing gay representation and dispelling traditional stereotypes, there's no doubt that it sheds light on LGBTQ issues in a fun and engaging way.

Who Is Gay in Modern Family

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet have played beloved married couple Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker for eleven seasons, winning five Emmys in the process. While other shows have depicted homosexual relationships before, the success of Modern Family allowed network television to take a more liberal approach to portraying gay couples.

Since the show first debuted, it's been clear that Cam and Mitch are a gay couple. However, there have been a few episodes where the writers have struggled to find the right balance between addressing their orientation and keeping the story funny and entertaining.

For instance, in an episode about an earthquake, Cam and Mitch are forced to eat together while they're trapped under the table dressed in Oscar Wilde costumes. While the joke was meant to be self-aware, it also highlighted some of the homophobia in our culture that the show aims to avoid.

Similarly, when Cam and Mitchell adopt Lily, they're forced to deal with the fact that not everyone will approve of their choice. The way they handle this is an important example of how a gay couple can navigate the challenges of raising children and challenging mediated gay stereotypes.


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