February 1, 2024

Who is Gay in Kpop?

If you’re a fan of kpop you know that it’s heavy on queer themes, fashion and fanservice. It’s also known that if you show a westerner any kpop boy band there’s a good chance they will assume they are gay because of their close facial interactions and shared fanservice. It’s a big problem that needs to be addressed and the only way it’s going to be solved is for fans to stop using their western concepts of sexuality to judge their idols.

Kwon Do Woon is one of the few openly LGBTQ K-Pop stars and has been dating a boyfriend five years younger than him for some time now. He’s a huge advocate for the LGBT community and has spoken out against discrimination.

Gay K-Pop idols are often criticized for their close friendships with each other and this is usually because of the homophobia that’s so prevalent in Korea. It’s not uncommon to see the members of a K-Pop group hugging each other, touching each others arms or cheeks and even occasionally kissing. This sort of intimacy is referred to as skinship.

There are a lot of stories about male idols having pervy relationships with their sasaengs (fans). In fact there’s even whole group chats dedicated to the perving over fellow male idols. However, it’s important to note that a lot of these idols are very close friends and a lot of the times when they interact with each other it’s completely platonic.


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