February 2, 2024

Who is Gay in Elite?

If you haven't heard of Netflix's new teen drama Elite, it's time to change that. The Spanish-language show has been making waves for its sexy stars, gripping plot and racy relationships. But it's also garnered praise for its forward-thinking depiction of teen sexuality, including a major gay romance between Ander and Omar. Of course, this hasn't stopped smug homophobes from taking to social media to share their disgust with the series, and it's been amazing to see Netflix clap back and defend these LGBT characters.

One of the show's hottest young stars is Omar Ayuso, who plays the queer Muslim student Omar Shanaa on Elite. Throughout the series' first five seasons, viewers watched Omar struggle with coming out as gay in his conservative Palestinian Muslim family and then embark on a rocky relationship with Ander Munoz (played by Aron Piper). Ayuso recently opened up about his connection to the character and the impact of being a part of Elite.

The upcoming season of Elite will bring us more of Omar and Ander as well as a whole host of new faces at Las Encinas high school. But what's even more exciting is the return of another fan-favourite: Mencia Cruz, who played Sara, one half of a TikTok couple.

As a sapphic female, Mencia was the first queer character to be featured on the show and her storyline in season six was a breath of fresh air. The only downside was the way her other half, Raul, used their relationship as a weapon against women like Mencia.


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