February 2, 2024

Who is Gay From Grupo Firme?

Grupo Firme is a well-known musical group, and as such, they have garnered a massive following. As such, it’s only natural that they are subject to a lot of speculation and rumors. One of the more common rumors surrounding the band is whether or not they are gay.

Eduin Caz, the vocalist of Grupo Firme, has not been shy about his sexual orientation. In fact, he openly supports the LGBT community. He even posted a photo on Instagram during the month of pride showing him proudly wearing a rainbow flag. Despite this, the singer has also been a target of homophobic attacks on social media.

In the past, he has responded to these attacks by saying that “la gente me encarga para ser fiel y que me dediquen a lo que me gusta y a ayudar a aquellos a quienes la ayudan”.

Jhonny Caz, Eduin’s brother and another member of Grupo Firme, is also gay. He and his partner Jonathan Bencomo got engaged at a concert in 2021. The pair had an intimate moment in front of fans, who applauded the couple.

In the past two years, Grupo Firme has grown from a regional Mexican act to a crossover sensation. Their popularity has reached new heights with collaborations with artists like Camilo and Maluma, as well as their performance at Coachella. Moreover, they have become the first Mexican band to break 280 thousand attendees at a concert in the Zocalo de CDMX.


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