June 11, 2024

Who Is Bella Ramsey Dating: Exploring Links and LGBTQ+ Roles

When researching the relationship between Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, as well as the portrayal of LGBTQ+ love in "The Last of Us," several main ideas and pieces of information emerged that illuminate the depth of their bond and the significance of representation in the series.

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Relationship with Pedro Pascal

Initial Fears and Bonding

Bella Ramsey initially worried about getting along with Pedro Pascal due to the amount of time they would spend together during filming and promotion. However, their bond developed quickly.

Safety and Affection

Describing Pascal as a "very safe person," Ramsey felt instantly comfortable with him. Their relationship was filled with fun and mutual respect, resembling "two little kids messing about."

Shared Love for Music

Music played a crucial role in their friendship, as they initially communicated through it, considering music as their "love language."

LGBTQ+ Representation and Themes

Ramsey's Stance on LGBTQ+ Storylines

Ramsey is vocal about the importance of LGBTQ+ representation and has defended the show's inclusion of queer stories against backlash, insisting that audiences need to get accustomed to seeing these narratives on TV.

Queerness as Integral to Characters

Ellie’s queerness is a core aspect of her character, not an afterthought. Ramsey appreciated that the queer episodes were organic and integral to the storyline.

Significance of Representation

Ramsey and the narrative emphasize that LGBTQ+ individuals exist and their stories deserve representation, even in post-apocalyptic environments. These relationships were portrayed as deeply meaningful and central to the series, avoiding tokenism.

Specific LGBTQ+ Storylines in "The Last of Us"

Bill and Frank's Relationship

Episode three provides a deeply emotional look into Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank's (Murray Bartlett) same-sex relationship, significantly expanding on the story from the video game and earning widespread praise for its groundbreaking narrative.

Ellie and Riley's Relationship

Episode seven explores the beautiful yet tragic relationship between Ellie and her former roommate, Riley (Storm Reid), showcasing another heartfelt queer storyline.

Ramsey as an LGBTQ+ Icon

Visibility and Support

Beyond their role in the series, Ramsey has actively supported LGBTQ+ rights and visibility, sharing positive messages and expressing gratitude to their "gay army" of fans.

Public Statements

Ramsey has publicly embraced their identity and has been outspoken in addressing trolls, solidifying their status as a beloved figure within the LGBTQ+ community.

Narrative Choices and Character Motivations

Joel’s Actions in the Finale

Ramsey discussed Joel's controversial decision in the series' finale, expressing that Ellie would have made a similar choice to save Joel, despite it being "even more stupid" given Joel's age.

By highlighting these key aspects, a well-rounded perspective on the deep personal dynamics of the cast, the thoughtful representation of LGBTQ+ narratives, and the storytelling strengths of "The Last of Us" is established.

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