March 9, 2024

Who Died on the Chi?

As the third season of The Chi draws to a close, it's time to pick up the pieces and decide who died on the chi. The Showtime drama has been praised for delving into the complexities and joys of life in Chicago's South Side but, along the way, it's also left some questions unaddressed.

Most notably, the storyline surrounding Brandon Johnson — played by Jason Mitchell — fell apart when the actor faced sexual misconduct allegations. The producers ultimately decided to kill off the character in the Season 2 finale and the show never revisited his death, leaving many wondering what happened on the chi.

For those unfamiliar with the term chi, it is a concept that originated in ancient China and is believed to be a vital force that animates everything in the universe. It's known by different names in other cultures, such as Qi, Prana and Ki, and has been used by acupuncturists, herbalists and martial artists for centuries.

The chi is believed to flow through pathways known as meridians and energy centres, or chakras, in the human body. This energy can be tapped through exercises such as tai chi, which can help improve balance, flexibility and strength. It's also used to boost immunity and aid in healing.


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