June 12, 2024

Who Could Play Link in a Zelda Movie? Top Fan Picks

The announcement of a live-action Legend of Zelda series on Netflix has sparked diverse reactions from fans and critics alike. While some argue that an animated format would better capture the franchise's magical allure, others believe that live-action adaptations have a broader appeal, especially to non-gamers.

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General Sentiment

Upon hearing the news, the internet community expressed mixed reactions. Skeptics question the feasibility of translating the intricate world of Zelda into a convincing live-action format, fearing it may lose the charm that made the games iconic. However, others believe that live-action projects attract a wider audience, capturing the interest of those outside the gaming community.

Character Casting Discussion

The choice of actors for iconic characters like Link has been a hot topic. Tom Holland is a popular candidate among fans due to his relatable portrayal of Peter Parker. Despite his widespread appeal, some believe he may not be the best fit for Link.

Ideal Characteristics for Link

Link is a character that embodies the innocence and determination of a young hero on a journey to fulfill his destiny. He is characterized by his sincerity, kindness, and a bit of naivety - qualities that are essential in capturing the essence of the hero of Hyrule.

Popular and Potential Candidates Mentioned:

Tom Holland

Tom Holland is a fan-favorite due to his successful portrayal of Peter Parker. While he fits the young, hardworking archetype, some argue that his widespread recognition may overshadow the character of Link, making it difficult for audiences to see beyond his previous roles.

Julian Krower

Julian Krower visually fits the role but lacks substantial acting experience. Though he has potential, more exposure is necessary to gauge his suitability for such an iconic character.

Thomas Cuck

With a background in Disney productions, Thomas Cuck brings a familiar charm. However, he has yet to prove his range in more serious roles, which is crucial for portraying Link's heroism and depth.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brodie-Sangster was once considered a strong contender but is now thought to be too old for the role. Nonetheless, his experience in fantasy roles has cemented his ability to play mysterious characters effectively.

Author's Top Three Choices

Walker Sorbel

Walker Sorbel perfectly embodies the energy and demeanor needed for Link. However, his commitment to the upcoming Percy Jackson series could potentially hinder his availability and overshadow his performance as Link.

Mason Thames

Known for his strong performance in Black Phone, Mason Thames has the gentleness and sincerity required for Link. Although not a natural blonde, the author believes he can convincingly portray the character, similar to other successful transformations in the industry.

Kefir O'Reilly

Star of the new Mighty Duck series, Kefir O'Reilly, is the author's top choice. His fun-loving and kind demeanor aligns well with Link's character. Not being widely recognized works in his favor, allowing him to bring a fresh and unique interpretation to the role.

As speculation continues, fans eagerly await official casting announcements. In the meantime, we invite you to share your thoughts and preferences for casting Link in the comments below. Stay tuned and subscribe for more updates on the Legend of Zelda live-action series, and remember – never give up, and journey on.

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