February 2, 2024

Who Are the Gay Rappers?

If you're asking, who are the gay rappers? It may come as a surprise, but there's an entire rainbow of talent out there. From '90s stars like Frank Ocean to contemporary acts who came on the scene open about their sexual orientation (like Cakes Da Killa), these queer artists are making waves in hip hop and changing the game.

In an era that's still navigating rap's too-gradual opening to LGBTQ people, these Black artists are fighting for visibility and making us all proud. And if you're not already vibing to their sonic and lyrical savvy, it's time you start.

Whether blazing beats for a vogue battle or unapologetically embracing femininity, these acts have some of the most bangin' beats in music. Mykki Blanco is an avant-garde, trailblazing MC whose bold, jaw-dropping tracks are full of courage and innovation. And while she's openly gay, she doesn't shy away from talking about her struggles with depression and HIV.

Brockhampton has taken the internet by storm, spawning from a Kanye West message board and landing a Viceland documentary and a huge record deal in the process. But even before their massive success, members of the 15-member rap collective and self-described boy band were out as gay to their fervent fanbase. They join a storied lineage of LGBTQ hip-hop pioneers who have been pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable since the genre's inception 50 years ago.


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