February 1, 2024

Who Are the Gay Actors on Hallmark?

For decades, Hallmark has been the go-to channel for heartwarming love stories and holiday movies. In recent years, the network has made a point to add more LGBTQIA characters and actors to their roster of films, furthering their commitment to diverse representation. These queer Hallmark actors aren't just showcasing their acting prowess but also serving as powerful advocates for inclusion in the entertainment industry.

From Jonathan Bennett and Luke Macfarlane to Cameron Mathison and Peter Porte, these talented gay actors on hallmark have made a significant impact in the world of romantic television. Their contributions have helped to shape the future of Hallmark's inclusivity and have inspired other networks and content creators to follow suit.

1. Who are the gay actors on hallmark?

Known for his work on the TV series "Mean Girls" and the movie "Raise a Glass to Love," Victor Garber is an openly gay actor who has helped to contribute to the push towards increased diversity at Hallmark. His first role after coming out was as one half of a gay couple in the 2020 movie, "The Christmas House." He's since played roles that showcase his range of talent and have helped to enhance Hallmark's commitment to inclusivity.


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