February 1, 2024

Who Are the Gay Actors in the Hallmark Movies?

The hallmark movies are beloved for their heartwarming romances and holiday spirit. While the network has come under criticism for relying on heterosexual relationships and white actors, they have been making visible strides to include LGBTQ+ characters and storylines in their films. This includes their 2020 film The Christmas House, which starred Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder as the channel's first gay married couple. The movie was a milestone for Hallmark and helped open the doors for more same-sex couples in their other titles, such as Wedding of a Lifetime and The Holiday Sitter.

Several Hallmark actors have spoken out about their sexual orientation, contributing to greater LGBTQ representation on the channel. Some of the most notable include Jonathan Bennett, Luke Macfarlane, and Blake Lee. Their voices help to create an inclusive and accepting entertainment landscape and inspire other people to be themselves.

Victor Garber has appeared in multiple hallmark movies, including A Christmas Detour and A Nutcracker Christmas Blessing. He has been open about his homosexuality and has spoken out against homophobia. He has also volunteered to support the Trevor Project.

Argentine actor Juan Pablo Di Pace is another star to watch for his work on Hallmark. He stole hearts as winemaker Marcelo in the 2021 rom-com Raise a Glass to Love and has been active in his advocacy for the LGBTQIA community. He has discussed the slurs he faced growing up as a gay man in Buenos Aires and how important self-acceptance is.


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