February 1, 2024

Where to Watch Zorro the Gay Blade

Where to Watch Zorro The Gay Blade

In the 1840s, wealthy landowner Don Diego Vega follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes Zorro, a man who uses his sword to right wrongs. He gains the respect of the people and eludes the corrupt Alcalde Esteban and his henchmen. Unfortunately, he suffers an injury when jumping off a wall for a duel with a criminal. When he is unable to continue as Zorro, he asks his flamboyant twin brother Ramon to step in. Ramon, who now calls himself Bunny Wigglesworth after his time in the Royal Navy, is willing to take on the role as long as he gets to add fringe, tassels and outfits in all colors of the rainbow to the character’s look.

Despite the obvious differences between the two brothers, the result is hilarious. Laughter rolls from start to finish as the quick witted characters keep everyone in stitches. George Hamilton is a delight as both the suave Zorro and the campy Bunny, displaying his acting skills that are well beyond his years. Brenda Vaccaro’s seductive portrayal of Florinda is an added bonus.

Sword-fighting, cross-dressing and mistaken identities come together for one of the most entertaining queer spoofs ever made. This movie may be dated, but it’s still worth checking out for anyone who likes slapstick humor or the legend of Zorro. It is available to stream on Netflix and FlixOle. If you enjoy this film, make sure to check out our list of The Best Queer Slapstick Movies and Top 10 Comedy Classics.


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