February 1, 2024

Where to Watch Merry and Gay

If you’re looking for a lighthearted, genuine queer holiday movie to watch this season, you might want to check out Merry and Gay. The film is a delightfully charming piece of entertainment that features songstress Dia Frampton and Andi Rene Christensen as two childhood friends and high school sweethearts who have since gone their separate ways. The film is a heartwarming and funny story about the magic of Christmas and the power of true love.

In a world where Lifetime holiday movies reign supreme, it’s refreshing to see something like Merry and Gay come along. The plot is silly, but Carmilla fans will probably appreciate it because of the inclusion of Laura Hollis’s character Alma, and at the outset, it seems that Baker is aiming for ham-handed cheese supremacy. However, the film eventually picks up momentum and becomes increasingly enjoyable as it goes on.

Where to watch merry and gay

This heartwarming LGBTQI+ Christmas romance stars songstress Dia Frampton and Andirene Christensen, who is known for her roles in Bel-Air and Hacks. The film follows the journey of two childhood friends and high school sweethearts Sam (Christensen) and Becca (Frampton), who have lived their lives in different places. When Broadway star Becca returns to their small town for the holidays, their well-meaning but meddling mothers hatch a plan to get them back together.

This film is directed by Christin Baker, a veteran writer, producer and director who aims to bring LGBTQIA stories to the big screen. It is also a feature film debut for the actress Hayat Nesheiwat, who has appeared in the TV series The Big Bang Theory and The Flintstones.


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