June 8, 2024

Where to Watch Couple to Throuple: Peacock Premiere Info

In a groundbreaking exploration of polyamory, Peacock's new reality series "Couple to Throuple" invites viewers into a tropical paradise to witness four couples testing the boundaries of their relationships by introducing a third partner. Premiering on February 8, just in time for Valentine’s Day, this unique show offers a fresh perspective on modern romance.

Concept and Format

The premise of "Couple to Throuple" revolves around couples who spend a month at a luxurious tropical resort, experimenting with integrating a third person into their relationship. Structured over 10 episodes, the show follows these couples as they navigate the emotional and psychological intricacies of forming a throuple. Episodes are released in batches of three weekly, keeping viewers hooked on the evolving dynamics right up to the finale.

The Journey

Participants and Setting

Set on a remote, romantic island near Panama, the setting offers an idyllic backdrop for the couples' emotional journey. The initial setup features four couples meeting 14 singles over the course of their stay. Every two days, they interact with new singles, evaluating whether to invite them into their relationship.

Challenges and Emotional Dynamics

The couples face various challenges as they test their boundaries and open up their relationships. Guided by relationship expert Shamyra Howard, they undergo exercises and experiences designed to push their comfort zones and help them navigate feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and intimacy. The show delves deep into the emotional rollercoaster of polyamory, capturing raw, unfiltered moments on camera.

Hosts and Expert Guidance

Scott Evans, known for his work on Access Hollywood and World of Dance, adds his charismatic presence as the host. Shamyra Howard, an award-winning sexologist and relationship expert, plays a crucial role in providing the couples with invaluable guidance, helping them explore the complexities of their evolving relationships. Howard's expertise is instrumental in helping the participants understand their feelings and motivations as they move through the process.

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The Couples

The show features a diverse set of couples, each bringing unique backgrounds and dynamics to the table:

  • Ashmal Ali (27, attorney from Chicago) and Rehman Bhatti (31, PR professional from Detroit), the only same-sex couple.
  • Brittne Babe (28, celebrity personal trainer) and Sean (30, music producer from Los Angeles).
  • Corey Potter (29, set designer from Great Barrington, MA) and Wilder Bunke (30, photographer from Los Angeles).
  • Lauren Bair (29) and Dylan Bair (32), a married couple from Arizona expecting a baby.

Dramatic Encounters

The tropical resort setting is not just a beautiful backdrop but also a catalyst for high-stakes emotional drama. The journey is fraught with highs and lows as couples deal with the reality of bringing someone new into their intimate space. This perspective is especially apparent when conflicts arise, showcasing the raw emotional challenges of polyamory.


"Couple to Throuple" promises to be a compelling reality show that pushes the boundaries of conventional dating series. It offers a thought-provoking look at the possibilities and challenges of polyamorous relationships, making it a must-watch for viewers interested in modern romantic dynamics. Available on Peacock, the show’s innovative concept and diverse cast make it a fascinating addition to the reality TV landscape.

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