June 12, 2024

Where to Stay in Fire Island: Top Neighborhoods and Lodging Options

Fire Island offers a unique blend of serenity, charm, and variety when it comes to lodging options. Visitors must plan ahead as accommodations can fill up quickly due to limited availability. The island's secluded and relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent getaway, with a wide range of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Limited Accommodation Options

Fire Island has a limited number of hotels and inns which tend to book up quickly. Visitors should book their stays well in advance to secure the best lodging. These accommodations, though charming, may not offer luxury amenities or planned activities. Visitors are encouraged to create their own fun, especially at the beach.

Charming Yet Simple

Accommodations on Fire Island are generally simple but charming. They lack luxurious features but make up for it with their unique, rustic charm. This simplicity is part of what makes Fire Island an appealing destination for those looking to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Secluded Island Vibe

Fire Island's secluded and serene environment is a significant draw for visitors looking to relax. Cars are banned on the island, creating a laid-back, pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. The island has 17 distinct communities, each offering a unique vibe and experience.

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Location Matters

The Pines and Grove

These areas are popular among LGBTQ+ visitors and have a unique, vibrant atmosphere. They are known for their inclusivity and are a great choice for those looking to immerse themselves in a lively and welcoming community.

Ocean Beach and Other Communities

Ideal for families and singles, Ocean Beach and its neighboring communities offer various nightlife options and different types of accommodations. These areas are more accommodating to diverse groups, providing a range of activities and dining options. Ocean Beach is known for its easy access to the beach, numerous hotels, and Airbnb options.

Top Accommodation Recommendations

Fire Island Studio

This cozy Airbnb is ideal for couples and is conveniently close to shops and restaurants.

2 Bedroom Oceanview Hideaway

This luxury Airbnb offers a quiet escape just steps from the beach, perfect for those looking for a tranquil stay.

Clegg’s Hotel

Famous for its snack bar, terrace, and various room sizes, Clegg’s Hotel is a popular choice among visitors seeking a comfortable and convenient stay.

Neighborhood Guide

Ocean Beach

Best for first-time visitors and families, Ocean Beach offers a lively environment with plenty to do, numerous hotels and Airbnbs, restaurants, shops, beach access, and nightlife options. Notable spots include CJ’s for dining and Robert Moses State Park for its beaches.

Bay Shore

Located on the mainland and best for budget travelers, Bay Shore features cheaper local prices and less tourist traffic. It’s a 30-minute ferry ride from Fire Island and offers attractions like Seatuck National Wildlife Refuge and Benjamin’s Memorial Beach.

Ocean Bay Park

Best for families, Ocean Bay Park has a kid-friendly atmosphere, is close to the beach, and offers numerous bars and restaurants. Notable activities include parasailing and Sunken Forest tours.

Top Three Areas to Stay

Ocean Beach

The best area for first-time visitors, offering a lively environment with dining options like CJ’s and places to visit such as Robert Moses State Park.

Bay Shore

Great for budget-friendly accommodations and exploring spots like Seatuck National Wildlife Refuge and Benjamin’s Memorial Beach.

Ocean Bay Park

Ideal for family-friendly stays, featuring activities like parasailing and visits to the Sunken Forest.

Accommodation Highlights by Neighborhood

Ocean Beach

Options include Cali House for large groups, Brand New Luxury Home with a hot tub and private yard, and A Place in the Sun, which includes a children’s playground.

Bay Shore

Notable accommodations include Cottage on the Bay with a dockside location, Travelodge by Windham Bay for budget stays, and a unique Yacht experience for luxury.

Ocean Bay Park

Accommodation options include Villa Etoile for a quiet neighborhood experience, Beach Cottage with a hot tub perfect for large groups, and Huron Hideaway for a cozy and private stay near the beach.

Things to Do

Activities in Ocean Beach

Visit the Fire Island Lighthouse, dine at local restaurants, enjoy the nightlife, and participate in beach activities like swimming, surfing, and boating. Sailor’s Haven is another spot for boat trips.

Activities in Bay Shore

Go golfing at Southward Ho Country Club, shop at Westfield South Shore, dine at local eateries, take ferry rides, and explore Heckscher State Park and nearby villages like Babylon or West Islip.

Activities in Ocean Bay Park

Experience parasailing, beach and dune tours in the Sunken Forest, visit Smith Point County Park, dine at Flynn’s Fire Island or Dino’s on the Bay, enjoy local bars, and hike at Watch Hill.


Best beach area: Ocean Beach.
Best value accommodation: Bay Shore Cottage.
Is Fire Island worth visiting? Yes, for its unique community feel and relaxed ocean atmosphere.
Fire Island Lighthouse visit: Yes, involves walking 182 steps to the top for great views.

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