February 1, 2024

Where to Find Big Gay Al's Cats in Fractured But Whole

The Fractured But Whole is absolutely brimming with collectibles, and one of the main ones comes in the form of Big Gay Al's cats. The beloved character has lost his six kitties, and it's your job to track them down and return them to him for some XP and gear.

Getting your hands on the cats is easy enough, but actually returning them is more of a challenge. To do so, you'll have to visit the cat's house, which can be found east of The Playground basketball courts. Once there, speak to Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave to begin the side quest titled Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al's Big Gay Cats.

There are six cats in total that need to be found, and each requires a little bit of work on your part. The first is called Big Gay Blossom and is located in the SoDoSoPa homeless camp area that you passed by during your second night in town. To reach her, you'll have to use Kyle's Human Kite and Fartkour abilities, scanning the fan on the ruined building then choosing the Kite symbol.

The next cat is called Big Gay Shadow, and it's stuck in the snow between Photo Dojo and The Playground along the middle road. To catch him, you'll need to "zone" into the area and then quickly activate TimeFart Pause before he runs into the bush. Big Gay Loki is located near the ruins of South Park Mall, and it's also best reached using the same method. The last cat is called Big Gay Bogie, and it's in the north-eastern corner of the map at Hillvale Farm. To catch him, you'll need a man blocking the way that can be tricked into not moving. To do this, find a crate of Memberberries nearby and place it to the left or right of the farmer so he can't move.


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