February 1, 2024

Where to Find All of Big Gay Al's Cats

Located in the area east of The Playground, you will find big gay al's house. He will tell you that his cats have gone missing and suspects the Sixth Graders may have captured them. He asks you to find and capture his cats, who can be spotted around town by their pink scarves. He will give you hints about the cats' location through his Coonstagram account from time to time. There will be a total of six cats to collect.

First, head to Hillvale Farm on the north-eastern end of the map. There will be a farmer blocking the path, so use TimeFart Pause to move him out of the way, then go past him into the woods that lead to the Canadian border. In here you will see a tree with the cat Bogie resting on it. Use a Snap N Pop or a firecracker to break the branch and then use TimeFart Pause to run over and grab the kitty before it runs off into the bushes.

The next cat to find is Big Gay Loki. He is on a ledge above the SoDoSoPa ruins. To get there you must first use the pinwheel to initiate the Fartkour buddy power. Once you are in the air, jump to the ledge and grab the cat before it runs off. The final cat to find is Big Gay Blossom, which can be found on a plank on the upper level of the ruins. To reach it, walk over to the pinwheel and activate Fartkour to boost yourself up there, then jump over to the plank and grab the kitty before it runs away. Once all six cats are collected, return them to big gay al and he will reward you with the Feline and Snowcat Costume Sets.


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