January 31, 2024

Where The Village People Gay

Where The Village People Gay

The Village People were the disco group that made it big in the 1970s and their flamboyant costumes and suggestive lyrics are widely considered to be among the first gay anthems. They were created by Jacques Morali, a homosexual, and the original group included performers who were both straight and gay.

The most famous of their songs is YMCA, which is about cruising and is often seen as a gay anthem. The first verse says “I’m down and I want to go where all the men are.” It goes on to say that there is a place called the Y.M.C.A where you can hang out with all the boys, where they’ll love you just the same. It’s a fun and happy place to stay.”

This song, and others by the Village People, are full of gay innuendo that was either purposeful or unintentional. Their costumes, dancing and faux macho posturing were all gay fantasy images, and this was a time when gay culture was very much under the radar in American society.

Although two of the original members (Felipe Rose, the Indian and Randy Jones, the cowboy) were openly gay, most of the band was not. However, the group did include some straight members and many of them still perform today. The band has continued to evolve over the years, and some of the current members are openly gay. Their music and campy image are still loved by many gay people.


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