February 1, 2024

Where is Big Gay Al's Last Cat?

Big Gay Al is unhappy that his cats have gone missing and wants The New Kid to find them. This Scavenger Hunt is unlocked after the Story Mission in the Police Department (3rd night of the game) and can be completed by finding 6 Cats throughout South Park. You can also get hints for the locations of these cats through Coonstagram posts. When you have collected all six cats, return to Big Gay Al at his house East of The Playground and he will reward you with the Feline Costume Set and the Snowcat Costume Set.

Where is Big Gay Al’s Last Cat?

The final cat you need to collect is called Big Gay Shadow and can be found in the woods to the West of the playground, near Tweek Bros. Coffee and the Movie Theatre. This cat is a bit harder to find than the others as it’s not hiding up in a tree or anything. Instead, it’s hanging out in a bush and can only be seen by getting pretty close. Once you can see it, use a Snap N Pop firework to knock it down and Time Fart Pause to rush in and grab it before it runs away.

Big Gay Loki can be found to the right of Bebe’s house, next to the South Park Mall construction site. The cat is perched up on a plank of wood jutting out above the ruins, so you’ll need to do some Fartkour first to reach it. Once you can see the cat, use a Snap N Pop firework and Timefart Pause to catch it before it falls down and runs off into a bush.


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