February 1, 2024

Where Do Gay Guys Meet?

As with any type of dating, the key to finding a suitable gay partner requires a combination of online and offline strategies. For example, if you’re looking to meet men who are as passionate about travel, films, or political action as you are, look for community groups that focus on those topics. Similarly, gay bars like Icon in New York City often attract a diverse crowd of locals who are interested in meeting new people and fostering connections that go beyond just the physical.

For men who want to meet gay guys for hookups, casual dating, or more serious relationships, online personals sites and apps can be a great resource. For example, FriendFinder-X lets men find matches for casual sex, dating, or more intimate encounters, and the site also offers Gold Membership that provides benefits like a higher profile in search results. Doublelist, which rose from the ashes of BackPage and other sites shuttered by FOSTA and SESTA, is another good option that focuses on a more sexually oriented community while promoting safety and security through user verification.

If you live in a small town, you may need to reach out to LGBTQ-friendly friends or family to get tips on where the local queer community hangs out. You could also try a variety of ways to meet gay men, such as attending private parties that accompany pride events in larger cities or joining a gay club or social group. It’s important to prioritize your own self-worth, regardless of how you meet people, and remember that forming connections takes time.


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