June 12, 2024

Where Can I Watch Project Runway All Stars 2023 Premiere?

The premiere of "Project Runway All Stars" Season 20 is set to captivate fashion enthusiasts and reality TV fans alike. Airing on Bravo on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at 8 p.m. EST, this special two-part presentation marks the kickoff of an exciting season filled with familiar faces and high stakes.

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Show Format and Components

This season is guided by the expertise of mentor Christian Siriano, and features a judging panel of seasoned figures in the fashion industry: Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, and Elaine Welteroth. The competition brings back 14 beloved designers from various past seasons, offering them one last shot at a career-defining win.

Contestants Lineup

  • Kara Saun and Nora Pagel (Season One)
  • Brittany Allen, Prajjé Oscar Jean Baptiste, Laurence Basse, Fabio Costa
  • Bishme Cromartie, Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie, Mila Hermanovski, Rami Kashou
  • Viktor Luna, Korto Momolu, Hester Sunshine, Anna Yinan Zhou

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How to Watch

Online Streaming Platforms

For those looking to stream the premiere, several platforms offer free trial options:

  • Fubo TV
  • DirecTV Stream
  • Bravo’s official website

Other platforms, albeit without free trials, include:

  • Sling TV
  • Hulu + Live TV

Additionally, episodes will be available on-demand on Peacock after airing. Viewers with cable subscriptions can check their local Bravo channel listings using finders like Verizon Fios and AT&T U-verse.

Season Preview

Season 20 aims to deliver thrilling moments, unexpected surprises, and a game-changing twist, all while giving the designers another chance to achieve their ultimate career goals. In a sneak peek, Nina Garcia reflects on the more than 300 competitors over the years, while a contestant describes the season’s lineup as "a roomful of legends."

Guest Judges

This season will also feature appearances by an array of guest judges, including Alicia Silverstone, Lena Waithe, Julia Fox, and Sergio Hudson. Their insights and critiques are sure to add an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

By covering these key points, we convey the anticipation and essential details surrounding the premiere of "Project Runway All Stars" Season 20, keeping readers informed and eager for the fashion-packed drama to unfold.

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