February 1, 2024

Where Are All of Big Gay Al's Cats?

One of the more entertaining side quests in South Park: The Fractured But Whole is Big Gay Al’s Cats, a scavenger hunt that sees players searching for and capturing all six of the titular pet’s cats scattered around town. You can start this side-mission at any time by speaking to Big Gay Al in front of his house and commissioning him to find the six cats littered throughout South Park. When you return them all to him, he will reward you with the Feline Costume Set and Snowcat Costume Set.

The first of the cats, Big Gay Bono can be found up a tree in the woods to the west of the church. Throw a Snap 'n' Pop up there to knock him down, then use Time Fart Pause to grab him before he runs away. The second cat, Big Gay Kirby can be found hanging out on the tree outside of Bebe’s House. Just like with Bogie, you’ll need to use a Snap 'n' Pop and then Time Fart Pause to capture him before he runs off again.

The final cat, Big Gay Blossom can be found near the ruins of the South Park Mall. She can be spotted on a plank of wood jutting out from the top of the building. If you head up there, you can see her, but you won’t be able to reach her with your hands. This is where you’ll need to use the Time Fart Pause skill, which you unlock during the Medicinal Fried Fiasco main mission.


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